In 2022, Eurocentrica completed the renovation works at the collapsed storeroom from the archaeological camp at the ancient city of Histria, Romania, started in 2019 and resumed in 2020 and 2021. The main objectives aimed by the researchers – the enhancement of the storage capacity of the mobile archaeological heritage, as well as a new space configuration which will allow the preliminary study of artefacts in optimal conditions – were wholly achieved.

The renovation works of this year, whose beneficiary was the Museum of National History and Archaeology of Constanţa, which administers the archaeological camp of Histria, were conducted in the project “Support for the archeological research at the ancient city of Histria 2022”, funded through the sponsorship provided by Trident Pharma Ltd.

In 2022, the storeroom walls received their final layer of plaster, over the primary layer, applied in 2021. The arrangement of the courtyard for protection and easing the study of the archaeological heritage, started in 2021 through the erection of a wooden shed, went on with building a metal support for plant shelterbelts.

The previous works consisted of the renovation of the storeroom walls in 2019 and the renewal of the roof and the addition of new doors and windows in 2020. Moreover, in 2020, the floors of the rooms where artifacts are stored were repaired or replaced and the courtyard was cleaned and got a new fence, which helps protect the archaeological heritage.

A large number of artifacts found their place in the storeroom or in the courtyard. The storeroom is currently fully functional both for the conservation and the study of the artefacts discovered at Histria.

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