A collapsed storeroom from the archaeological camp at the ancient city of Histria, Romania, will be partially renovated in order to enhance the storage capacity of the mobile archaeological heritage discovered during excavations made at the site by researchers. The action will benefit the Museum of National History and Archaeology of Constanţa, who administers the archaeological camp of Histria, and will be undertaken by the Association Eurocentrica between 16 September and 16 October.

The action is part of the project “Support for the archeological research at the ancient city of Histria 2019”, funded through the sponsorship provided by SC Trident Pharma SRL.

This year, the objective assumed by Eurocentrica was the renovation of the inner and outer walls of the storeroom. In 2020, Eurocentrica aims to consolidate the roof of the building and to install basic carpentry, needed for starting the usual research activity.


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