The project „Heritage at the crossroads – The digitization of the stone-made commemorative crosses, of the monuments for heroes and of historical landscapes from the north-west of Prahova county” was selected to run under the aegis of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, as it contributes to the achievement of several objectives of this European action, as they are stated in the EU Decision 2017/864 regarding the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, issued by the European Parliament and the European Council on the 17th of May 2017. 

The project is run by Eurocentrica as the main partner together with the National Institute of Heritage, the Prahova County Direction for Culture, the Theoretical High School of Azuga, Ion Kalinderu High School of Buşteni, the Technological High School of Ceraşu and Jean Monnet High School of Ploieşti, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, through the the National Cultural Fund Administration.

Thus, we are working this year under the European motto „Our Heritage: where the Past meets the Future”.


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