Eighty magazines “Historia” and “Historia Special”, provided by Eurocentrica through the project „History for all”, were given in 2021 to children from schools in Isaccea and Tulcea who participated in events where they learned about actions of research, conservation and promotion of the Dobrudjan local cultural heritage.

Pupils from “Ion Creangă” High-School of Tulcea (see photo) and “Constantin Brătescu” High-School of Isaccea received the magazines as prizes for their enthusiastic participation in activities where they learned about the digitization of poorly known Dobrudjan archaeological sites using alternative approaches and interdisciplinary methods, conducted through the projects “LAND[MAP]. DIGITIZING LANDSCAPES” and “(Re)Mapping. The maps archaeology.” The projects were carried out by the Institute of Eco-Museum Research “Gavrilă Simion” of Tulcea and its partners, the Museum of National History and Archaeology of Constanța, the Association Pro Noviodunum and the Association Eurocentrica and was co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

The magazines were distributed with the support of Aurel Stănică, researcher at ICEM Tulcea, of Daniela Stănică, teacher at “Ion Creangă” High-School of Tulcea, of the Pupils’ Council of “Constantin Brătescu” High-School of Isaccea and of the Association Pro Noviodunum.

The objective of the project “History for all” is to distribute for free popular history magazines to school, college and local libraries from Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, as well as granting prizes for pupils competing in history school contests.

The donations were made possible by the kind support of “Historia” magazine.


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