Eurocentrica donated sets of 40 issues of “Historia” magazine and “Historia Special” supplement to the libraries of five high-schools and secondary schools in Ploiești, Bărcănești, Gherghița and Olari, Prahova county. The action is part of its larger program „History for all”.

The project’s objective is to distribute for free popular history magazines to school libraries from Romania, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, as well as granting prizes for pupils competing in history school contests.

This first stage of the project had as beneficiaries the Pedagogic National High-School “Queen Mary” of Ploiești, the Agricultural Technological High-School of Bărcănești, the Secondary School “George Coșbuc” of Ploiești, the Secondary School of Gherghița, the Secondary School of Olari.

The donations were made possible by the kind support of “Historia” magazine. The distribution of the magazines to the libraries was made with the help of Tudor Iancu, history teacher at the Pedagogic National High-School “Queen Mary” of Ploiești, the project coordinator for the County of Prahova, and of the heads of the schools which received the donations.

The Pedagogic National High-School “Queen Mary” of Ploiești

The Agricultural Technological High-School of Bărcănești

The Secondary School „George Coșbuc” of Ploiești

The Secondary School of Gherghița

The Secondary School of Olari


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