Eurocentrica’s programs coordinator chaired the panel „The inventory of the stone crosses from Eastern Wallachia” at the conference „Heritage@NIH. Debates and dinamics in a global context”.

Other speakers at this panel were Bogdan Șandric, historian, director of the Direction for Digital Heritage at the National Institute of Heritage, Cezar Buiumaci, historian, curator at the Bucharest City Museum, Andreea Panait, specialist in Cyrillic palaeography, and Bogdana Eftimie, volunteer at Ambulanța Monumentelor.

You can watch the debate here, from 01:06:30.

In 2017 and 2018, Eurocentrica undertook together with the National Institute of Heritage and the Direction for Culture of Prahova County a project aiming at identifying, recording, mapping and digitizing the memorial stone crosses from Prahova county.

The results of the projects are available at


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